Get to Know Kettey Our CEO & Founder

making-a-difference2.pngKettey's International Fashion is owned by the fashion mogul business woman Emeila Kettey, who goes by the name Kettey in the fashion circle. She has been transforming the scene in fashion in USA and specifically in Scottsdale, Arizona by bringing in top designers in Italy and Europe to her ultra elegant and trendy high fashion boutique for a decade. Today clients are from all over the world and she serves them both online and in her boutique in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Kettey has been featured on different platforms in the fashion scene and visits Europe annually. She both buys and spends times with the high fashion designers. She believes that clothing is reflective of the inner confidence we carry within ourselves, so she is always looking for collections that bring out the best in women across the world. 

In addition to her passion for fashion, Kettey is a world traveler and philanthropist. She hosts events on site at her Scottsdale, Arizona location and is often a premier invited guest to events to showcase her one of kind fashions in her boutique.


Kettey of Kettey's International Fashion can be booked for public speaking and special events around the world. If you would like to learn more about her please contact her at Please list the name of your event, the dates, the content by which you wish to share the message, the location and Kettey's personal assistant will get back to you.