Elena Miro'


Elena Mirò is an Italian plus-size house

When one talks about a fashion model, the first thought that comes to mind is that of a beautiful, perfect woman. The kind of woman that catches the eye of passersby as they move elegantly down the street. However, taking the time to reflect more carefully, one understands that most people have a specific image that incarnates this term. And it is the image made popular by the Top Models of the 90s which were captivating, feminine, unique and slightly curvy. Right, because the real woman is not made of straight lines and flat curves, but in most cases, are full of soft, full curves. One only needs to consider that over 40% of all women in Italy are a size 46 or higher, far from the esthetic shown on the runways. But not all brands or boutiques have forgotten this market. In fact, the label Elena Mirò was born in 1985. "Oltremisura Belle,” meaning, plus-sized beauties, was one of the first slogans for the brand. 

The Elena Mirò brand originated in 1985 "within the Alba-based clothing company Vestebene (now called Miroglio Fashion). It focuses on clothes for women "with fuller figures who wear shapely sizes". 

At Ketteys, we are proud to provide runway, beautiful upscale fashion such as Elena Miro' for the full figured women. American sizes range from size 8- to size 24.