What Does It Mean To Be A Confident Women?

Posted by Blog Author Josie Brandon on Sep 1st 2019

So what does it mean to be a confident woman? Wow, what a great question if I may say so myself, because I believe it has everything to do with how a woman feels about herself without worrying about a … read more

A Day In The World of High Fashion Designers

Posted by Josie Brandon, Greatiam Publishing on Apr 20th 2019

Written by Josie Brandon - Fashion Editor at Kettey's International FashionSo what is like in the day in the world of high fashion designers? We see the glamour on runways and in magazines and at firs … read more

What We Wear Can Create Elevated Power

Posted by Josie Brandon, Top High Fashion Boutiques In USA Editor on Feb 17th 2019

Let's face it, what we wear can make us feel incredibly powerful. That's how we want woman to feel when they put on one of Kettey's International Fashions. Every piece is designed with the intention o … read more
Ghana 2018 Fashion For Good!

Ghana 2018 Fashion For Good!

May 28th 2018

Our 2018 "Fashion for Good" Ghana Trip helped hundreds of children this year! Poverty is common in Ghana and thousands of children are at risk of malnutrition and sickness. This year, Ketteys Non … read more
​Must Know Fashion Tips by Kettey

​Must Know Fashion Tips by Kettey

Posted by Kettey on Apr 17th 2018

SHOW SOME SKIN STRATEGICALLY! Do you want to look truly sexy? Well, that involves knowing what to bare-and what to keep under wraps. You need a little bit of mystery! "Choose one-only one-body … read more